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Higher Or Lower Board Game

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Higher Or LowerQ: What is the average weight of an adult male blue whale (to the nearest tonne)?How many people would know the answer to this question... not many you may say! But there's always some 'smarty pants' with a photographic memory for this type of information.And how many games have you played where the person in the lead just moves further ahead... and wins. There's no excitement in that! "Higher-or-Lower" is different. It allows anyone to play... 'smarty pants' or not... and everyone has an equal chance of getting the answer right... even if you don't have the faintest idea of what it is!"Higher-or-Lower" combines the fun of learning, with a playing board where players can be blocked from moving. "Chance" questions can boost you higher... while those annoying "Group" questions can see you slide lower.Add to this the delight of the last person (to depart the bottom row) collecting and placing those 'land mine' like yellow "Group" disc's anywhere on the board at anytime, and "Higher-or-Lower" offers a riot of fun and entertainment to all!


500 Question Cards

10 Yellow "Group" Discs

8 Playing Pieces

1 Game Board

Ages 8+

1 Sand Timer (30 seconds)

1 Rules Sheet


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