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Pinocchio Childrens Board Game

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So you want to be a real boy, do you , Pinocchio?

In this adventure game you play the part of Pinocchio, trying to be a real boy. Trouble just can't stay in the village and keep out of mischief. You just keep on running off to Pleasureland where you get into terrible trouble and every time you get into trouble your nose grows and grows. Only when you get your normal nose back do you get to be a real boy. Getting your nose back will cost you tokens.... tokens you have to earn!

So keep out of mischief and tell the truth if you want to win!


1 Game Board

6 Playing Pieces

6 Plastic bases

18 nose cards

6 Pinocchio Faces

36 Tokens

1 Dice

Brand : Frank

Ages 8+

Players 2-6


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