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Go Shopping Fuzzy Felt

Fuzzy-Felt has been delighting children of all ages since 1950 The little colourful Fuzzy-Felt shapes seem to be imprinted on the minds of all who played with them as a child bringing back many happy memoriesThese Fuzzy-felt shapes stimulate the imagination of children who can create and recreate pictures at will.There are no 'Right' or 'Wrong' answers with Fuzzy-Felt.The pictures are just what the children want them to be - patterns and stories reflect their world - real and make believe. No need for glue or scissors - a gentle pat keeps the Fuzzy-Felt shapes in position on the playboard. In playing with this imaginative and creative toy, children are using their powers of selection and developing their hand and eye co-ordination. The Fuzzy-Felt pieces can not only be used to create pictures on the board, but for encouraging colour and shape recognition, counting sorting and story telling. Fuzzy-Felt has been used extensively at home and in schools , nurseries and hospitals to help explain new and old experiences. For example, the hospital set can be benefficial in preparing a child for a stay in hospital and Fuzzy-Felt has been used by the police and social servives in helping children recall and explain their experiences.


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