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Squemory The Squinkies Memory Match Game

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Squemory is a memory matching pair game.

To play the game the Squinkie cards and the real real squinkies are put into the Squnkie bubbles, then mixed up and placed into the holes in the tray provided. Players take turns opening any two bubbles to try and find either a matching pair of Squinkies cards or real squinkies provided and one of the special joker cards that show matching icons ie Horse Joker card matches any Real Squinkies Horse. If a player finds a pair of Squinkies or Squinkies Cards they keep them but the empty bubbles are put back in the tray. When all the squinkies have been found the players add up the number of Squinkies cards which are each worth one point and the Real Squinkies which are worth 2 points each. The winner of the game is the player with the most points.

For Ages 4+

For 2-4 Players

Game includes: 4 Squinkies (included Squinkies may vary from picture), 1 Playing Tray, 16 Squinkies Cards, 4 Joker Cards and 24 Bubbles


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